Top 10 Simple Tips To Enter in Spiritual World

Ancient people had left many theories and prove incidents that we are not alone in this nature, some virtual phenomena or can say invisible world exists around us, just we need to follow some rules to get the entry in that world which we know as “Spiritual World” (The world after the death).

There is no debate of belief or not, we all have the ability from the birth of that power but due to daily life–cycle we leave to practice. It’s just like you had never touch guitar if someone handover your guitar and tell to play somehow you start to move your hand on strings and tune comes after the better guidance you can play easily, whatever if you have not become famous but you had grown your unknown ability which was hidden inside you that’s called “Spiritual Power”. This is the Main Guard of you when you entering in the world of Spirit.

1. Believe in yourself and energies around you whether they are positive or negative. Just Energy is the only source that helps you to communicate with spirit because there is no language spoken in that world.
2. To know about energy, practice deep Meditation, stop all the thoughts and ideas from your mind make it neutral and try to listen a deep sound of nature around you, and make your eyes always close because we need visual totally black, every energy try to communicate with you in a various way just you need to point them and try to understand.
3. During meditation, we need to focus to develop Chakra and Aura, where Aura is the weapon which helps you to defect negative energy to harm your soul and Chakra help you to main your physical strength, increase your physical ability to fight against the negative spirit, because you are entering in their world, so they try all possibilities to stop or harm you.
4. Before all setup, the main thing you need to leave is “Fear”. Fear is the energy that makes us powerless in our world but in the spirit world, fear is the source to gain, every spirit tries to fear you due to appearance or unusual activities, how much you fear that many spirits get energy from you. Always believe that you have a body which is made from five elements of Universe:- Soil, Water, Fire, Air and Universe which is a most powerful thing in all dimensions, Spirit are only soul, not a body so they lost 90 percent of power after leaving the body so they can’t harm you directly until you didn’t leave your spiritual power.
5. First, When you succeed to connect to the spiritual world, you will enter a door after that you will lose your body a white tunnel appears where you will go inside but your five senses remain to activate(Five sense are:- Vision, Hearing, Smelling, Taste and Touch sense). Start to concentrate on that senses and start a journey with your Spiritual power.
6. Using these following meditation skills, activate your sense and listing power, Spirit does not talk directly with you they always give you clue like some visual effects, sounds, or objects. You need to concentrate on that what spirit wants to tell you, so be alert and keep calm yourself fearlessly.
7. Whatever thing you listen to or see is the most important thing for further because in the spiritual world everything has its own meaning just need to understand the sense.
8. Concentrate on your cause why you had entered in that world, you should have strong cause so only you get chance to know the reason so first see and sense is the main key of your cause because in spiritual world spirits had the power to know your cause of arrival but they cannot talk so they try to communicate with you via telepathy or visual effects. Many negative spirits try to stop at that time you need to take help of your aura power which you had to develop from your meditation practice.
9. If you are able to identify the clue given by spirit, then do not react or nor demand anything just concentrate on that you see black in your vision where you see visual that’s your accurate answer. It could be symbolic or liberal too.
10. After your work finish in that world, use your seven sense, and make a concentrate in your accurate world. Activate your chakras and aura which give you a light path to back in your body. Remember one thing the sense which you felt there always remain in life, so always welcome them, they motivate you to move in success path.

Note :
(Always try this with proper guidance, once you stuck means its death).

photo credit: MTSOfan Music, Meditation, and Water via photopin (license)

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