Some Best Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter

This is starting of the month of December and winter is just around the corner. Winter brings short days and long nights, less warmer sunrays, cold winds and dryness in air. It also brings different health problems eg.- cold, cough & flu. These health problems can happen in any season but low temperature and dryness of winter gives perfect environment to germs. To avoid these health problems we can take some precautions. There are some tips to follow and keep flues, cold and cough at bay. (Some Best Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter)Some Best Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter

1. Take proper amount of water –
Due to low temperature we do not feel thirsty as we do in summers but our body needs daily dose of water which is at least 2-3 liters per day. Please do have water in proper amount. It helps to keep control of body temperature.

2. Exercise regularly –
Don’t be lazy and do not give excuses of winter for not going to gym or for a walk. Regular exercise keeps our body stamina high and immune system strong.

3. Eat intelligently-
There are so many items of foods those can help us make our immune system stronger to fight with the germs of flue. You should include ginger, broccoli, haldi (turmeric), garlic, pepper, jaggery, til seeds, tomatoes, carrot, cauliflower, fresh curd and 2-3 leaves of tulsi everyday.

4. Proper dose of sunlight –
Our body uses sunlight to help the skin produce vitamin D, it needs to build bones, quell inflammation, and bolster the immune system. 15-20 minutes of sun exposure is needed by our body to boost immune system. Regular and short exposures have been found to be more effective and safer.

5. Sleep well –
Daily dose of 6-7 hours sleep per night for an adult person makes our body immunity stronger.

6. Try yoga –
To boost body immunity you should try some yoga. Pose or asana e.g. -surya namaskar (sun salutation), Kapal bhati (breath of fire) pranayam, Nadi Shodana pranayam, Dhanurasana (bow pose), Matsyasana (fish pose).

7. Try Ayurveda –
If you take one spoon of ginger and honey mixture or tulsi khada with jaggery daily, cold and cough will not dare to touch you.

We hope you will try to follow at least some advises given above. we wish a very happy and healthy winter season and good health to you all.

Some Best Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter
photo credit: Mirka in Snow via photopin (license)

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